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A naked girl escorts with a 90-60-90 body

Rina escort girl in Kuala Lumpur

Rina escort girl in Kuala Lumpur

Rina goes to the bathroom, turns on the tap and pours two capfuls of bubble bath inside the long bathrub. When it is half full with foamy water, Leo and Rina doff their clothes and climb in. Rina moans as he traces a caress down her body, reaching below the water and creating little waves.

A meow startles them. A black cat with a bushy tail walks into the bathroom and sits facing the bathtub.

Rina stifles her laugh. ‘Goodness, I’ve forgotten that Tommy likes to follow me everywhere.’

‘Your cat’s staring at us!’ Leo says.

‘Oh, don’t bother with him. He’s just curious.’

‘I’m sorry, I can’t continue. I feel very self-conscious.’

Rina gets up from the long bathtub. She picks Tommy up with her wet hands but the cat struggles, extending its claws. Rina releases her feline friend and it lands in the bathtub with a loud splash. Tommy’s pleading meows mutate into growls.

Leo grabs Tommy and hands it over to Rina. He sneezes. ‘I’m allergic to cats! Their fur.’

Naked and dripping water, Rina dries the cat with a towel and locks it in a cage in a corner of the kitchen. She and Leo shower to wash off the foam and cat hair, dry themselves and enter the bedroom.

Giggling like teenagers, they climb on the bed and Leo starts to kiss Rina. The bedroom door opens. Leo, startled, pulls his lips away from Rina and turns around. A naked girl with a 90-60-90 body walks in. Her face is round and so is her chin and cheeks. A grin splits her full lips, painted cherry-red. Her features convey a friendly demeanour.

‘This is my friend Nur,’ Rina says, her body relaxed, her eyes gazing at Leo. ‘Want to take both of us together?’

Nur smiles and approaches the bed. ‘Have you done it with two girls before?’

Leo is stumped. ‘I – I –.’

She flops on the bed on her stomach, and supports herself on her elbows. ‘Don’t be shy.’ Her hand starts to stroke him from his chest down to his thighs.


Cheap price for escorts services

Cheap price for escorts services

‘What’s your price?’

‘Three hundred malaysian ringgit.’

Nur manoeuvres forward, thrusting one breast close to Leo’s face, and he becomes microwaved butter. The threesome adventure taught Leo all kinds of complicated positions.

I laugh as Leo slaps his forehead with one hand. ‘I didn’t know how to say no to her,’ he says, chortling. ‘She was so slick, yet so aggressive.’ He takes a drink from his coffee mug and bites a chunk off his carrot cake.

Leo adds that another unforgettable incident involved an Indonesian, and he reprises his role as a raconteur, whipping up images in my imagination. As Leo remembers, he and a co-worker are in the men’s toilet, facing the urinal.

‘Hey, man! I just banged an Indon part-timer,’ the co-worker says. ‘She gives massages and a happy ending. Well worth the price. I got her contact number from another Indon girl – her friend.’

‘What’s the damage like?’

‘Only one hundred sixty. She’s a domestic maid. Her employer’s gone overseas for a vacation. She’s alone so she can do what she wants.’ The co-worker zips up and goes to wash his hands in the basin.

Leo surveys himself in the mirror after having urinated. ‘What? You mean go to her employer’s house?’

‘Yes. She’s alone.’ The co-worker adjusts his necktie.

‘Is it safe? Any CCTV camera in the house?’ Leo takes a comb from his back pocket and starts to comb his hair.

‘Of course not! Otherwise I wouldn’t dare to go. Want her contact number? I SMS to you now. Can only go during the day when the neighbours are at work.’

‘Is she pretty?’

‘Yeah. Actually, she underpriced herself.’ The co-worker chuckles and pulls out his cell phone from the case pouch hooked to his belt and thumbs a few buttons. ‘Here, you go. Rianti’s contact number.’


Special escort services in Kuala Lumpur

Special escort services in Kuala Lumpur

Next day, Leo parks outside a double-storey terrace house in Ampang and calls Rianti. Earlier, she agreed to his time of arrival, the price and the services. He gets out from his car and waits at the gate.

A petite, cocoa-coloured girl opens the grille door of the house, slides open the glass door and walks to the gate to unlock it. Rianti has big, vivacious eyes and a full-fleshed figure about to burst out of her top. She grins and two large dimples appear in her round cheeks. She offers her hand to Leo, who grasps it like a toddler holding to his mummy’s fingers.

Rianti takes him to her room on the first floor. A passageway separates it from the other bedrooms, which are locked. The session starts with a massage and ends in copulation. With towels wrapped around their waists, they pad down the stairs. Just as they are about to enter the bathroom in the dining area, Rianti hears clanking at the front grille door. She peeks from the entryway of the dining room.

‘It’s my boss’s brother, the swine!’ she gasps. ‘Quick! Go out the back door and hide.’

Rianti scuttles to the kitchen and opens the back door, and Leo bolts out to the small backyard where laundry is drying. He pinches a pair of over-sized trousers and a shirt, and climbs over the wire-netting fence into the backlane. It is gated at both ends. He puts on the damp clothes and squats under a papaya tree a short distance away.

More than an hour passes before Rianti swings open the back door to let him in, and he returns to her room to dress up.

‘I didn’t know my boss passed a set of keys to his brother,’ she explains. ‘He just came to pick up some files for his brother’s office.’

‘What took him so long?’

‘He suspected something. Your car was a giveaway. To keep his mouth shut, I gave him special service in my room.’


Nigerian student Kimbassa

Nigerian student Kimbassa

Ivan Chow, eager to tick ‘African’ off on his list of conquests, asks me whether I have any contacts. I call my former college interns, whom I am still in touch with. Oladipo, a Tanzanian, says he will ask around and get back to me. He graduated in multimedia communications two years ago, and now works in an advertising agency. Days later, he emails me the cell phone number of a Nigerian student named Kimbassa (not her real name). I forward the email to Ivan, who asks to see her picture, and Oladipo gives her full name and asks me to check out her Facebook profile. I relay the message to Ivan.

‘Can you accompany me to her condo?’ Ivan asks me over the phone. ‘I don’t trust these Nigerians.’

‘Sure, buddy. Better check there isn’t any hidden camera in the bedroom. She might videotape the love-making and attempt blackmail.’

On the appointed day, we walk through the entrance of a condominium property near Metro Prima in Kepong. The security guard does not bother to ask us to register in the visitors’ book. We take the lift to her apartment and ring the door bell. There is no grille door and the wooden door opens.

‘Hi, I’m Kimbassa.’ Gleaming white teeth shines through full, dark lips as she grins. She is wearing a tight-fitting blue dress that shows off her wide hips. ‘I thought you’d be coming alone, Ivan.’

‘My friend wants to meet you. Maybe give you future business.’

Kimbassa invites us to sit on a couch while she goes to the kitchen, pours out two cups of coffee and puts them on the living-room table. She drops to another couch and stretches her legs out, the tightness of her dress only barely keeping her knees together. We sip our coffee and talk about her country, her studies, her part-time work. After the chit-chat, she takes Ivan to her bedroom.

It’s an hour later when the entry door to the condominium opens from the outside. An African man, six feet tall and sinewy, walks in and locks the door. He has a face that looks as if it has been used as a doormat.

‘What are you doing here?’

‘I’m waiting for my friend. He’s with Kimbassa.’

The African man knocks on the bedroom door. After several minutes, Kimbassa and Ivan come out.

The African man pokes a finger into Ivan’s chest. ‘She’s my girlfriend,’ he says. ‘You seduced her, had sex with her. Now, you must compensate me!’

Kimbassa slips back into the bedroom.

‘Your girlfriend’s a hooker!’ Ivan says. ‘I paid her two hundred and fifty ringgit.’

I say to the African man, ‘She’s violated her student visa by prostituting herself.’

‘No, no, you pay compensation or you don’t leave this place.’

‘Cut the crap!’ I produce my MP4 from my trouser pocket. ‘Everything she said has been recorded.’

Ivan’s eyes remain fixed on the African’s face. ‘We have two more friends waiting downstairs. They’re coming up with the police if we’re not down in ten minutes.’

From the bedroom, Kimbassa, scowling under lowered brows, strides to the door, unlocks and flings it open. Eyes flickering, the African man’s shoulders slump and he runs a hand through his hair.

Ivan and I stride out of the condominium.


A naked girl escorts with a 90-60-90 body in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
A naked girl escorts with a 90-60-90 body in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
A naked girl escorts with a 90-60-90 body in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
A naked girl escorts with a 90-60-90 body in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Giggling like teenagers, they climb on the bed and Leo starts to kiss Rina. The bedroom door opens. Leo, startled, pulls his lips away from Rina and turns around. A naked girl with a 90-60-90 body walks in. Her face is round and so is her chin and cheeks. A grin splits her full lips, painted cherry-red.

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